AvConnect Updates and Fixes 12/11/12

Here is an overview of some new updates and fixes that just went out:

  • Aircraft Systems list enabled:
    If you have an Aircraft Manager account, you now have the ability to manually enter all of your systems. Click on Aircraft ------> Systems ------> and add your aircrafts systems under the appropriate tab (Airframe, Engine, Avionics, etc.). This is a helpful place to keep track of all your parts and serial numbers, and also lets you associate a squawk to a specific system listed.
  • AD/SB PDF issue fixed:
    If you were unable to open a PDF for ADs and SBs this issue has been resolved, and PDFs should all open now.
  • WingX flights, multiple in a day:
    For WingX Pro users, if you have ever flown multiple flights in a day and hit upload after the first flight and again after the second, you probably noticed that the second time you uploaded, your first flight double recorded. This has been fixed, so uploading more than once in a day will not duplicate any flights. 

Please open a support ticket if you have any questions or problems.

The AvConnect Team
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