How do I re-sync my iPhone app?

Sometimes it may be helpful to re-sync your iPhone database from the AvConnect server. You can easily do this without losing any logbook data that has been previously uploaded to AvConnect. 

Start AvConnect with "work offline" and then touch the "Sync" icon at the bottom. On that screen you can touch "Clear All Data" which will remove all of the data from your iPhone (but not your AvConnect account). Select "Keep Login Information" so you don't have to re-type your username and password. 

You can then start up AvConnect and tell it that you already have an AvConnect account.

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    Stephen Rath

    AvConnect has failed to respond to multiple requests to correct a few issues. My first request was submitted, per the support website, 4 months ago. I have made multiple phone calls- a computer answers the phone and nobody returns voicemail requests for call. I pay a monthly fee of ~ $30 for this horrible support. Buyer beware!

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